Tuesday, December 18, 2007

super tired

I just came home from a very tiring day in the office. I was practising the whole day as in from morning till late in the evening!! All because of our Christmas party on wednesday. Hay! Kina-career talaga namin! Tomorrow will be spent also with more pratice sessions. Till wednesday na to! I haven't been doing much work lately. No time talaga. I hope after all this partying, i'll be able to get back to my normal work schedule. I don't want to have too many backlogs for next year. I'll finish them all before the year ends talaga! I hope, tehee :)

Anyways, my weekend was spent...wherelse?!! in the MALL!! I was in Trinoma last saturday and Mall of Asia yesterday, Sunday doing my Christmas shopping. I know it's kind of late now but this is my only time to shop for gifts to my loved ones and friends. I've been super busy with work and extra curricular activities (read: practices) that I was only able to start shopping this weekend lang. I think I did pretty well considering that most on my list have already been crossed-out. There are a few items left in the list (those of my hubby, a brother and my dad) and I intend to finish my shopping hopefully this coming weekend. No chance talaga on weekdays. Plenty of work to do and also, this is the last regular working week. I'm not realy complaining about the long lines in the cashier and gift wrapping section (terrible!! as in!!). The Christmas rush is here na talaga. And i'm loving it!!!!

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