Friday, February 29, 2008

new look

I decided to get a new look for my blog. I felt that it's about time and i'm quite bored na rin naman with the old one. Though, this is no extraordinary design, I think i'm going to keep this for awhile. The template came from blogger and I just added a blog header lang which I downloaded and edited to be able to include my blog name. Nothing much to brag about the design. But I simply like the white background and the subdued colors of the font unlike my previous one with hot pink fonts pa yata! Tehee! With this new look, I hope it will be much pleasing to the eyes of my blog readers and hopefully, it will help improve my blog traffic as well. Oh, I wish this new design will give me more luck with my paid blogging too :)

Oh you might want to know why a ballerina? Well, wala lang. I've always wanted to learn ballet since I was little but then, my mom insisted that I should learn to play the piano na lang. So, in short, di ako nag-ballet and took up piano lessons instead (which I don't regret doing naman). But everytime I see a girl in tutu, it brings back old childhood memories. That's why when i saw this header, I immediately downloaded it. This affinity to ballet will also explain why I love the color pink so much.

So even if it has nothing to do with my blog title, I used the image na rin. Anyway, ballet is nice and as i've said in my blog description " this blog is all about my simple joys in life and just about everything NICE!"

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  1. abie said...
    wow new look the realxing theme of the new look.

    You can download other templates from that's where i download my template...hehehe

    happy weekend sis
    Jesse Pega said...
    thanks sis for the tip! Appreciate it :)

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