Tuesday, December 11, 2007

busy week ahead

So, how's everybody doing? :)

Christmas is almost here and with that, you can expect a lot of things going on around you. The malls are full packed,gawd! and we experienced this during our recent trip to Trinoma last Sunday. Hubby almost lost his temper over the security guards at the parking area who wouldn't allow us to enter because apparently daw, parking is full. But to our dismay, when we passed by the parking when were about to turn around, we saw two available slots as in! We came back to the entrance and told the guard that there were vacant slots but no, they wouldn't allow us to enter still! WTF?! The line of cars about to enter the carpark are getting long and they wouldn't allow even one car to enter even if there's available parking already?! That pissed off my hubby! Ending, we found a parking slot at the outdoor parking na lang. It's okay na rin considering a lot of shoppers are still stuck inside their car waiting for, who knows when they will be allowed to enter the carpark. Expect the worst in the coming days as more people will troop to the malls, supermarkets and just about every place in the city. Hay! Expect also the heavy traffic! But don't get me wrong ha? I'm not complaining (konti lang, tehee!). This is all part of the Christmas rush and abnormal as it may sound, i'm loving it! Christmas won't be the same without these hassles. And that I think what makes Christmas here in Pinas more exciting :)

Anyways, it will be a busy week for me at work and home. At work, because i'll try to accomplish all my pending work within the week so that by next week medyo lie low na ako and concentrate on our christmas party presentation na lang (which btw, I don't even have a costume yet! help!). A lot of practice sessions were also scheduled in between office hours. Talk about multi-tasking, lol.

At home, because I still haven't started with my christmas shopping yet. As in wala pa akong nabibili kahit isa! except for the 2 gifts i bought for last sunday's "binyagan". Plus, I plan to make something special for Christmas eve and the day itself like bake brownies & cakes, cook pasta or something. I have to plan this pa. Oh gosh! Don't know where to start. All I know is that I better start soon or else... I'll be cramming on christmas eve! And I wouldn't want that to happen. So wish me luck!

P.S. Tomorrow will be our company's annual outreach program. It would be my first time to join and i'm quite excited. We'll be bringing children from an orphanage to Museo Pambata as a treat. I'm so glad our company decided to have it there coz I haven't seen the place yet. I've always wanted to reach out to our less fortunate brothers & sisters and this is one of the best ways to do it. I'll be posting more about this in the coming days.

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