Saturday, January 19, 2008

a beautiful song

Is it possible to fall in love ..... with a song?

I don't know but I heard this beautiful, beautiful song and I can't stop myself from humming and thinking about it. It's called "Fly Away" by a talented singer named Corinne May. It's a song May made for her family when she left Singapore (where she was born and raised) to study music at Berkelee School of Music. It a very touching song, the lyrics are like verses from a poem and the voice of Corinne... Oh my gosh..... it's amazing! It's like a combination of Joni Mitchell's and Sarah Mclachlan's! Her song really makes me want to cry. So, better grab a box of kleenex just to be sure. Grabe! I sooo love this song. Pity I only got to know this wonderful artist and her beautiful congs just now. Thanks to the JBL guy who installed my husband's latest "toy" (check out later for my post about this). He allowed me to copy one of his demo CD where I discovered this song. Hay... I'm now officially a Corinne May fan. Solid!

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