Wednesday, January 09, 2008

what i'm grateful for

My blog friend, Juliana, passed me this meme. She wants to know eight things that I'm grateful for.There's a lot of things that I'm grateful and eight is way too little. But since I'm asked to list only eight, I will try my best to pick the top eight.

1. First would be good health for me and my family. It scares me to death when one of us is sick.

2. A loving and caring husband. Without him in my life, it would be meaningless.

3. All that we have right now. It's not too much I tell you but I'm happy with it. We live a comfortable life naman and I couldn't ask for more :)

4. The love and support of my family and friends. Like my husband, I couldn't imagine life without these people.

5. My job. It's not easy to be a working wife. But I just can't give up my career as this is the fulifillment of my longtime dream. To have a promising career in the corporate world.

6. My in-laws. They're the best. Though we live near their unit, they would never interfere in any of our decisions as husband & wife but are always there when we need them. What's more, they always send food to our house, lol.

7. My only living parent, my Dad; my departed loved ones (whom I miss terribly :( ) - my dearest Mom and Lolo; for all the hardships they have gone through just to provide us with a better life and goodeducation. What I am right now, I owe to this wonderful people.

8. The cyberspace for allowing me to earn while doing the thing I love, blogging. And most importantly, for getting to know new friends and having a grand time reading their posts.

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