Thursday, January 10, 2008

sale everywhere!

Don't you just love this time of the year? After the merry makings, we all now troop to the malls where almost all of them are on sale!! Yup. The annual "end of the year" sale is officially on. Some malls like SM started right after christmas while others like Powerplant started their year-end sale last Jan.4 only. Last weekend, I made it a point to visit some of them with the hope that I would be able to "snag" some stuff. It was a tiring weekend. As always, the malls are packed with shoppers. Saturday was spent in Powerplant. I immediately paid visit to Zara as I heard from my friend that lines there are terrible! The fitting room and cashier lines for that matter! I thought, hey, if peeps are willing to line up like that, a lot of good stuff must be on sale. So, I wasted no time and went. Honestly, i like the items on sale at Zara. I almost snag a pair of shoes that i've been eyeing before but unfortunately, no available size for me. I love the dresses but I thought the discounted prices are still not worth it (at least for me ha? i'm on a strict budget eh, lol). And then, there were nice coats on sale too (love the pink one i saw). My friend was right. There were plenty of people inside and I lost interest in trying on some stuff because the lines are just to loonnggg! Thus, I went out of Zara empty handed :( Poor me. I wasn't able to find a bag to my liking also. There were no good deals I should say. Instead, hubby and I ended up at Sumo-sam for dinner together with some friends.

Sunday, we headed off to Trinoma. Again, I went to Zara and was surprised to find out that there weren't too many people compared to Powerplant. I was able to try a top and a skirt but decided not to get it for some reason. I went to the nearby Gap store (I love Gap now) and was able to snag a nice top at a discounted price. Woohoo! Now this is more like it. I'm surprised to know that Gap has come up with new designs. I mean, we all know Gap as the basic or uniform type, right? But lately i've been seeing more "girly" tops and I love it.

I was also able to score a new bag from Liz Clairborne not on sale though. But okay pa rin coz it's paid by my hubby, LOL. I went home a very happy baghag ;) That's how my weekend went.

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  1. abie said...
    Hi Sis,

    Pareho tayo, walang tyaga pag mahaba ang pila.
    Jesse Pega said...
    abie, the lines are just too long. tinamad talaga ako mag-fit. pero when i'm really in the buying mode, go talaga ako kahit super haba ng pila, hahaha
    Kelly said...
    at least you didn't go home empty handed :)

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