Saturday, January 19, 2008

The right way to cook chicken

Are you a chicken lover just like me? I f you are, then you must know that the best way to cook your chicken is flame grilled. You see, grilling chicken is one of fastest way to cook chicken and the best part is, it's healthy! One of my favorite flame grilled chicken is by El Pollo Loco. I've always wanted to concoct my own version of their one-of-a-kind taste citrus marinate but I've always end up buying from them anyways. But i'm not giving up that's why, I always invite friends over at our house, bring out my barbeque utensils and prepare the fresh citrus marinate chicken the El Pollo Loco way! Of course, I wouldn't miss out on this fun activity and will surely record it in my video camera. Who knows? This video might win in the contest found at this site? All I have to do is make sure that I have read all the rules before I submit the video. Interested? Join the El Pollo Loco bandwagon and start rolling that camera and tell the world why the best way to prepare a great tasting chicken is flame grilled.

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