Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Summer is almost here!

I know that we are still experiencing cold mornings at this time of the year but right now, I can't stop thinking about how our summer will be like this year. You see, summer is my second favorite season next to Christmas, of course. Summer brings back some wonderful memories of my childhood that's why i'm quite excited when summer is near. This year though, we have plans of going to the beach. In Boracay, most probably. I haven't been to this beautiful place in years and I am curious to find out what's new. Also, I am eager to wear my newly bought swimwear (thanks to Marks & Spencer for the Sale!). You see, this is the only place where I can wear a decent swimwear without having to worry about what other people might think about it. Most of them are also in their finest swim wear anyway, and they woud not mind me wearing one, I supposed. But lately, i'm pretty worried about the stretchmarks that has been showing in my thighs. I have it since I gained weight over the years and this is the effect of expanding skin I guess. Right now, i'm on the look out for the best stretch mark cream and good thing I got to know about revitol stretch mark cream. I was happy when I learned about this product because it gives dramatic results as attested by many satisfied clients. And the cost is not that much compared to other products available in the market today. This is definitely a must-try if you are trying to prevent stretch marks to appear. Pregnant women can also use this product as this was proven to be safe to use. As for me, I will start applying this wonder cream so that when the time comes when I need to out on my swim wear, I would not hesitate to do so because I know that those ugly marks are now gone and hopefully forgotten.

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