Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Powerplant Mall Sale!!

It will be a busy day later for me today. I plan to visit my friends from my previous job in the morning as I haven't seen them for quite a long time and I bet they're making "tampo" na :) And after that, I will definitely go to Powerplant Mall! Wohoo! They're having a mall-wide sale from Jan. 4 to 6 and I wanted to check out if I could snag a good deal hehehe. A nice bag, maybe? :) I hope so. In the evening, I plan to meet up with my siblings in Trinoma to catch up (I haven't talk to them since... Jan 1 of this year... hehehe miss them already). This is all for now guys. Will post for my 2007 recap and New Year's Day celebration this weekend. But for now, I need some good shut eye if I want to look fresh for tomorrows activities. Nighty night!

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  1. macy said...
    enjoy shopping. super dami ng sale.

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