Friday, January 04, 2008

my planner

In my post here, I expressed my excitement over the idea of using my belledejour power planner. I can't seem to wait for the new year and now that we are in the third day of 2008 already, I am happy to tell you guys that i'm now officially using it and this early, i'm loving it! I also had a starbucks planner (which I acquired easily, thanks to starbucks' 10th anniversary double sticker promo, lol) but I chose to use the bdj planner due to its unique design (very kikay, very me he he he), functionality and of course, the discount coupons! Woohoo! I just hope that i'll be able to maximize using it and continue updating it till the year ends, hehehe. Basta, all I can say is.... aylabit!

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