Friday, January 25, 2008

busy weekend

Oh my gosh! Thursday pa lang I can foresee what my weekend would be like na! Tomorrow, we'll be having our company's annual sales rally in which our department was tasked to execute the set-up of the venue (in Orchidarium). Not to mention, I will also take part in the actual program in the evening. So, early morning tomorrow, expect me to be in Orchidarium na assisiting our Design group in the setting up the whole place. Our theme for this year is Barrio Fiesta so i'll be wearing a "kimona & patadyong" (hope I look good on it hahaha). Tomorrow also, my brother will be leaving for Hongkong for an all-expense paid trip courtesy of the company he works for (wohoo! lucky guy!). Sarap nila noh? It's there bonus daw for a job well done (dapat lang naman noh! My brother worked so hard the past year. He works as a graphic artist in an advertising company by the way). I wish may ganyan din kami (lol, dream on!). I won't be able to send him off at the airport as they will go as group na raw. As if naman I can! eh busy nga ako, di ba?! We will just pick him up when he arrives on Monday. Syempre, sipsip ako dami ko bilin eh hehehe.

On saturday naman, my Dad will have his monthly check-up at Medical City so we would probably be there the whole afternoon and go malling na rin afterwards. On sunday, It would probably be a "mall-day" ulit this time with my hubby after hearing mass syempre.. And also in between this activities, I will definitely blog to the max as I have plenty of opps to finish and tag to do. Thanks to my sisters for always giving me a tag to work on. I love doing them so keep 'em coming girls :)

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