Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Project

In my post here, i've mentioned about how "this project" has been eating up most of our time. To the point that, i've missed out on opps and some post because of this. So anyways, now that it's complete, I would like to present to you "the project " that's been making my blogging life irregular, lol. Meet our newly installed "toys"....

Philips LCD TV and JBL Home Theater System

Yes, it's our new home entertainment system. This replaces our 5 yr old Philips flat screen tv and JVC home theater system. Actually, this project was initiated by my financier, my husband of course!(lol) and my only contribution was the selection of the tv cabinet. Ang tagal na nitong in the making I swear! Even before Christmas pa, Al (my husband), has been making the rounds of appliance centers trying to look for the best LCD deal. Hay. If you only knew how many times we had to go back to the malls (Shang, Trinoma, Megamall, etc.)just to have this "toys" checked out! Until finally, my husband finally got a great deal (as in!) at Abenson Shang and reserved a Philips LCD immediately before the year ended last December. Anyways, the home theater system is a different story. At first, Al wanted to get na rin Philips Ambisound system (the one wherein you need not have five speakers installed to achieve the 5.1 experience), it's a new product that is great if you have limited space and hate lots of wires installed. However, he is not satisfied with the sound raw so he opted to get na lang the JBL system (with the amplifiers and all!). It came a little later than the T.V. The installation is another story na naman. With the LCD, we need to have our walls reinforced pa coz dry wall lang and its hollow inside. Hay ang gulo sa house promise! Buti na lang my household help is very maagap when it comes to cleaning kaya di rin kami masyado nahirapan. After that, the installers from Philips and JBL arrived na rin to install the "toys". We askes them to install it instead para sure na we would'nt miss out on anything. The TV cabinet naman came from Our Home. Ang hirap din maghanap nito as in! At first we couldn't find the perfect table to go along with the "toys". Buti na lang we saw this na so we immediately bought ba rin. The set-up took about two days pa rin as we are still trying to improve the cable signal eh. Would you believe we have to add 2 booster signal (whatever that is) just to get a good tv reception? Ganun yata if LCD kasi since big screen medyo hindi fine ang reception even if cable sya. Di pa naman kasi digital ang skycable, right? (at least here in our area).

Now everything's going well. We're now enjoying it and most of the time, we just stay home and watch DVDs na lang. Sayang naman if we're not going to use it ng madalas, di ba? What happened na to the old TV and Home Theater? It's inside our room na replacing naman the old unit there :)

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